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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November 05, 2019

Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner test: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes

Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner test: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes

The new model of the vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922 HR is lightweight, compact and not annoying with strong noise. Sufficient suction power paired with an electric brush provides high-quality cleaning of smooth floors. But what about carpeting and how powerful is the battery? All the details are in our review.

The Polaris PVCS 0922HR manual vacuum cleaner is battery powered and has high mobility and maneuverability during operation. It does not need to be connected to the outlet and constantly throw the cord to move from one cleaning zone to another. Despite its small size and weight, this model is almost as good as bulky floor counterparts in terms of dust collection quality. CHIP has tested this model and is ready to share the test results.

Test results:

The charge of the battery Polaris PVCS 0922 HR is enough for a full cleaning in apartments with one room. It is convenient to hold and operate the vacuum cleaner, the design is well balanced and does not cause discomfort during cleaning. Noise when working with this model is significantly lower than that of more eminent counterparts. The disadvantages include a relatively short operating time - about 35 minutes with a rotating electric brush attached. But this was enough for us to thoroughly clean several rooms. Even at the end of the charge, the suction power did not drop, which indicates an excellent design of the cyclone chamber of the dust collector. Of course, it was not without minor flaws, which we describe below.


  • Small size and weight
  • Convenient dust collector and nozzles
  • Not noisy at work
  • Constant suction power
  • Highlighting cleaning area
  • Relatively low price


  • Gentle design electrogrid
  • No network function

Design and ergonomics

Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: filter flask removed after pressing the release button and turning counterclockwise
Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: filter flask removed after pressing the release button and turning counterclockwise
The model of the manual vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR is built according to the classical scheme, where the tube-rod is attached to the body of the flask of the dust collector. This imposes certain restrictions on the load, especially when cleaning carpets. However, with careful use, it will serve for a long time and will please you with comfort in use. In all connections, a snap button is applied, so that all parts are assembled and disassembled instantly.

  • Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner test: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes
  • Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: the handle has a non-slip pad and a divider for the index finger
This is not the first model in the line of portable vacuum cleaners company Polaris. In this modification, the manufacturer has significantly improved some components of the vacuum cleaner and brushes, here all the buttons are made of red transparent plastic, and the electric brush uses multi-row soft bristles that are easy to clean from the hair.

It is convenient to hold the vacuum cleaner with one hand, the handle has a special anti-slip rubber insert with a divider for the index finger.

  • Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner test: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes
  • Portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR: start the device by pressing and holding 2 for the power button
Instead of the trigger, the manufacturer applied a touch button with a protection against accidental pressing on the front side - you need to hold it for 2 seconds to turn it on. It is much more convenient than the trigger used by other manufacturers, which must be constantly pressed to operate the vacuum cleaner. At the same time to turn off the vacuum cleaner here is quite short pressing the button.

When connecting the nozzles should be careful, because all parts fit tightly, and any misalignment may make insertion difficult.

Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner test: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes
Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: the bottom of the filter provides for the opening of the bottom part for emptying it from debris and dust. Rubber seal is very tight.
The design of the flask of the dust collector has an open bottom, which means it is possible to dump the garbage into the bag without disconnecting the nozzles. But if you press the catch and turn the cylinder of the flask, you can remove it completely and just empty the garbage from the glass. However, the cyclone filter itself, rigidly mounted on the vacuum cleaner housing, also requires cleaning. You can do this by gently tapping on it with your palm, substituting a garbage bag under it. It is in the lower part of the cyclone that a lot of fine dust is collected.

Nozzles and nuances of their application

The nozzle with an electric brush is mounted on a very flexible hinge, which allows you to freely change direction and control its course, providing cleaning in hard-to-reach places. This contributes to the relatively small height of the brush. At its front there is a small rubber bumper that will protect the furniture from scratches and prevent damage to the body of the nozzle itself. But in the back of the manufacturer did not provide for the bumper, and therefore need to be careful with the elements of the furniture during the return movement.

Test of the portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR vacuum cleaner: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes Test of the portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR vacuum cleaner: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes
Note that the manufacturer does not recommend brushing long-pile carpets with this brush, and also warns that hair screwed onto the brush can adversely affect the quality of its work and further cleaning. The shaft with a soft high bristle which is built in it can be quickly taken, having clicked a special clamp, and to clean. During intermediate cleaning it is better not to use water, because It takes a long drying brush.

Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum test: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes. This attachment also has a LED for illuminating the cleaning area. It turns on when the motor of the electric brush is activated.

The option is very convenient and allows you to better see the cleaning area, dust accumulation and more efficiently manage the brush in dimly lit parts of the room.

The set also includes a multifunctional nozzle 3 in 1: with a long-haired brush for carpets and bedspreads, with a short nap for furniture and a crevice for hard-to-reach places. They can be used by connecting directly to a vacuum cleaner or through a pipe.

Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: nozzle with a long nap is useful for cleaning surfaces of furniture, appliances and carpets
Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: nozzle with a long nap is useful for cleaning surfaces of furniture, appliances and carpets
The most useful, in our opinion, the nozzle with a length of bristles, which can be cleaned everything, including home appliances. Therefore, I would like more flexibility, a change in the angle of inclination, a denser and longer bristle, etc. But alas, the attachment is hard, the inclination is not adjustable, and its mounting is somewhat flimsy.

Real time with and without electric brush

Polaris indicates that the battery should last for about 25 minutes of cleaning with the electric brush turned on and 40 minutes without it. Our copy turned out to be more durable and honestly worked with a brush for 35 minutes, and without a brush it was enough for 45 minutes. We turned it off forcibly after the charge indicator began to flash. The time of the first battery charge was 5 hours, the second - 3 hours 10 minutes. After the end of the charge, the indicator stops flashing and goes out.

Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: battery removable. For long-term cleaning in the service center, you can order a spare
Portable vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0922HR: battery removable. For long-term cleaning in the service center, you can order a spare
In the instructions for the Polaris PVCS 0922HR manufacturer recommends that you do not interrupt the charging process and always charge the battery completely. The same applies to the discharge - discharge completely and then put on charge. Such recommendations are usually given for Ni-Mh batteries in order to avoid the memory effect and reduce the battery capacity. But in our model, a Li-Ion battery is used, which should allow the use of both incomplete charging and incomplete discharge. Therefore, the manufacturer's recommendations look strange.

No noise and no dust

Portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR: the indicator at the top of the strip shows the battery charge level
Portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR: the indicator at the top of the strip shows the battery charge level
We tested the work of the Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner on various surfaces, including laminate, linoleum, short nap carpet and medium nap carpet. We were pleasantly surprised by the very high quality of cleaning: there was not a single speck of dust on the floor surface.

Test of the portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR vacuum cleaner: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes Test of the portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR vacuum cleaner: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes
For clarity, we even spent on it with a cotton pad - vacuum cleaner clean. Also brush perfectly coped with the mats in the bathroom and hallway. So clean, we cleaned only the famous outdoor models of vacuum cleaners.

Since Absorption power of this model is not high - 60 W. Obviously, the use of a rotating electrical brush is a decisive factor in ensuring cleanliness. By the way, it was the low suction power that allowed us to comfortably vacuum the mats, which did not stick, did not rise, and remained in their places.

It is worth emphasizing, because of the not very high suction power, heavy particles in the form of sand and small pebbles in the deep pile of the mats can get stuck, therefore, for thorough cleaning it is possible to use more powerful outdoor vacuum cleaners.

Note that this model uses a dust collector with the technology "multicyclone" with a three-stage cleaning system. When air is sucked in with collected debris and dust, a vortex flow is created, in which centrifugal force precipitates the dust particles into a special chamber, where they are separated from the air and thrown to the cyclone walls. This ensures stable operation of the engine during the entire cleaning process. The suction force of a vacuum cleaner remains constant regardless of the degree of filling of the dust collector.

Test of the portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR vacuum cleaner: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes Test of the portable Polaris PVCS 0922HR vacuum cleaner: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes
The use of a HEPA filter is also important here, which guarantees almost complete cleaning of dust and microorganisms of air emitted into the room. After cleaning, we considered a fine filtration system - the main pollution accumulated only on the foam rubber ring, the HEPA filter remained clean.

I also liked the sound of the vacuum cleaner, which was surprisingly not annoying: not very loud and not too high. Perhaps this is one of the most comfortable noise that we have heard from the tested vacuum cleaners. Although we had a model of a robot vacuum cleaner on the test, by the way also from the company Polaris PVCR 0920WV (you can read about it in our review), which at work made a soft sound, like a puppy whine. But this is a slightly different technique.


  • Vacuum cleaner type portable, manual, vertical
    Dry cleaning
    Battery type Li-Ion, 2200 mAh
    Battery life up to 40 min (without an electric brush)
    Charging time about 180 minutes
    Cyclonic dust collector filter, 0.6 l
    Nozzles in a set multipurpose
    Additional features highlighting the cleaning area
    Type of fine filter HEPA 13
    Mounted on the wall there
    Body weight with filter and battery 1.6 kg


  • Manual Bosch BBH73260K vacuum cleaner
  • The test of the Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner: a comfortable cleaning in 30 minutesBosch Athlet BBH73260K with its price tag of about 23,000 rubles makes a very good impression. Both the battery life and the suction power are very good.

In addition, the device is equipped with a practical belt for Renky, which is a great help if you decide to vacuum surfaces not only on the floor one day.

Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

Polaris PVCS 0922HR portable vacuum cleaner test: comfortable cleaning in 30 minutes. The Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute charged battery lasts long enough to finish cleaning the apartment. It’s convenient to handle the vacuum cleaner, and the weight is so well balanced that it doesn’t cause any muscle pain.

The only drawbacks are the extremely high cost - about 45,000 rubles, unpleasant noise at high power and a couple of minor annoying shortcomings.

Monday, November 4, 2019

November 04, 2019

Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine overview: just click

Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine overview: just click

Coffee for every taste

Philips EP5365 / 10 belongs to the average price category: you can buy it for about 48,000 rubles. What does the buyer get for this money? Seven pre-installed programs, the ability to change the recipe, temperature and strength of coffee, as well as ten degrees of grinding. Of course, there is a built-in cappuccinator with a reservoir. What we liked: the car uses a water filter (available in the kit). This is a plus for this not the most expensive model.

Among the automatic compact machines, the Philips EP5365 / 10 looks quite compact - only horn or capsule ones take up less space. A 1.5-liter tank of water is enough for 7-8 cups of coffee (it is also used for cleaning).

Traditionally, you can get a cup of drink by pressing a button. If you like stronger coffee, richer taste, use the “Aroma strength” adjustment - it adds another gram to the standard portion of coffee for brewing. In general, there are no significant complaints about the car - in our opinion, it works a bit noisily, and the display actively “sweats” when beating milk.

Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine overview: just click

Well, there are settings

Despite the quite standard pressure of the pump of 15 bar, the coffee prepared according to the standard algorithm seemed to us not perfect: bitter, while not sufficiently saturated. I had to tinker with the settings of grinding, as well as use the very "enhance flavor" - it helped. Definitely, each mixture of coffee requires experimentation: spend a little time and you will understand how to make a really tasty drink.


The Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine has excellent equipment: here is a cappuccinator, a coffee grinder, a self-cleaning function, and a display on which it is convenient to control cooking modes. You can find the "automatic" and cheaper, but in it the equipment will be simpler.


  • Large water tank
  • Short preheating time
  • Various programs for the preparation of beverages


  • Running loud
  • The display mists when milk is foamed

Low Cost Alternative: DeLonghi ECAM 22.110 B

Coffee machine DeLonghi Magnificia S ECAM 22.110.B is much cheaper, but it also prepares the same delicious coffee. In our rating, we put this model the maximum number of points for the price-quality ratio. Important advantages of DeLonghi: short beverage preparation time and almost zero off-power consumption (0.5 W). It does not have a display and the ability to save individual recipes, but if you save about 26,000 rubles, this can be easily experienced.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

November 03, 2019

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphone Review

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphone Review

New Bose sports headphones called SoundSport Pulse are comfortable in-ear headphones with good sound that fit well in your ear.

Good, open sound for sports sessions.

As has become customary in the case of Bose products, headphones called the SoundSport Pulse along with other models also showed decent results in the test for sound. With uniformly good evaluations in all genres, these headphones have particularly distinguished themselves in such ones as rock, pop and hip-hop.

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphone Review

New Bose SoundSport Pulse equipped with a heart rate monitor, located in the left earpiece

In particular, the “Gravel Pit” from Wu-Tang Clan pleases with pronounced bass, which exert a very pleasant pressure on the ears, and there is no need to desire anything more from the reproduction of the voice. At the same time, even in the supersaturated sound curtain of the “Away From Today” composition performed by Dan Kroll, some external noises remain, which is especially important when making runs in the dark and in the open.

Fitness functions work well, but only when the headphones sit correctly

Thanks to the silicone “hooks” of the Bose SoundSport Puls, even when playing sports, they sit tightly and securely in the ear. In addition, they are also quite comfortable. In terms of equipment, Bose sports headphones also differ in a positive way: in addition to the headset itself, the delivery package includes a carrying case with a practical carabiner, two additional sets of ambushures of different sizes and a mandatory charging cable.

This model is also capable of something special, besides music playback: a heart rate monitor is integrated into the left earpiece. If it is placed securely in the ear, it functions well. Unfortunately, if the headphones slip even a little, the contact is broken. Thus, even if it seems from the outside that the headphones are still in place, the heart rate can no longer be measured. To the one who attaches great importance to this function, it will be better to use an additional fitness tracker or a separate heart rate monitor.

A little better could be the length of battery life. With about 5 hours, declared by the manufacturer (during the practical test, we did even a little more), Bose SoundSport Pulse refers in this respect to the middle peasants among sports headphones.

Alternative: Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless
Overview of wireless headphones with a Bose SoundSport Pulse heart rate monitorHeadset with a durable battery. Sports headphones Beats Powerbeats 3 during the test proved to be convincing primarily in terms of the length of battery life.

With 12 hours, declared by the manufacturer, and 15 hours, obtained during the practical test, these Bluetooth headphones can work almost three times longer if you compare them with Bose SoundSport.

In addition, they are also slightly cheaper, because for Bose you will have to pay about 12,000 rubles, while Powerbeats 3 cost only 8,400 rubles. But keep in mind that the Beats are not suitable for everyone. In some, the integrated handles just do not go for the ear.


New Bose sports headphones called SoundSport Pulse are comfortable in-ear headphones with good sound that fit well in your ear. In addition, they have rich functionality: the gadget also offers several interesting fitness features.


  • fitness functions like heart rate monitoring
  • good sound
  • sit comfortably in the ear


  • heart rate monitor does not work well if the earbuds slip
November 03, 2019

Garmin Fenix ​​3 Saphir HR test clock: the best GPS watch for athletes

Garmin Fenix ​​3 Saphir HR test clock: the best GPS watch for athletes

Take a Hi-End GPS watch with all its advantages and combine it with the function that is currently the main market trend - optical pulse measurement. Our test winner, Fenix 3 HR, is ready.

Test results


  • Top equipment
  • Built-in heart rate monitor
  • Functions of the fitness tracker
  • High accuracy of the GPS module


  • Heavy construction
  • Partly confusing menu

Test results of Garmin Fenix 3 Saphir HR

  • Price-quality ratio
    Place in the overall ranking
    1 of 6
    Value for money: 95
    Sports functions (35%): 100
    Ergonomics (35%): 95.2
    Equipment (20%): 100
    Accuracy (10%): 90.3
We are known as cool watches with the support of the heart rate monitor and GPS, which have been in our rating for a long time. Now, Garmin has taken and packed an optical heart rate monitor in their case. Those who need to know their pulse during a workout can now not put a special tape with a sensor on their chest. An optical sensor built into the watch will measure your pulse right on your wrist.

The combination of broad functionality, high quality, precision and the above-mentioned optical heart rate monitor makes Fenix ​​3 HR the winner of the 2016 test.

GPS watches for professionals

Obviously, when you buy a “test winner”, you cannot make the wrong choice. But in fairness it should be noted that the Fenix ​​3 HR is also the most expensive GPS watch we tested. Beginners may not need many features that will be useful to the target audience in the form of either athletes who take their hobbies very seriously or fans of street sports such as running or cycling.

Fenix ​​3 HR is the so-called "multisport" watch, that is, it is also suitable for triathlon training. But it should be noted that the optical measurement of the pulse does not work in water. Anyone who needs to measure heart rate while swimming should use the Fenix ​​3 HR in combination with a chest strap.

Garmin Fenix ​​3 HR: 

  • there is everything
  • Fenix ​​3 HR

Built-in heart rate monitor: 

  • the optical heart rate monitor is already built into the Fenix ​​3 HR

Fenix ​​3 HR - not for those users who want the gadget on their wrist to weigh as little as possible. 86 grams - does not sound so strong, but on the wrist, especially if we take into account the sophisticated female hand, this mass is felt distinctly. The lightweight Garmin Forerunner 25 will not deflect the scale arrow by half compared to the Fenix ​​3 HR.

Our "test winner" has a built-in fitness tracker that analyzes sleep quality. We also liked the interaction with the application on the smartphone, which displays the measurement results.

Sports functionality is more than complete: you can send training and competition results in real time, the clock calculates the level of maximum oxygen consumption, warns the user if he is under stress and helps to polish the running style.

Based on the received training data, Fenix ​​3 HR gives a forecast of the results in a competitive mode and calculates the time required for rest after heavy loads.

High reliability

From time to time, the test model irritated us with a mixture of multilingual terms in the menu. In all other respects, the quality is beyond praise: the connection to the GPS satellites is very fast, deviations from the true values ​​during GPS measurements are within acceptable limits.

Garmin endowed its device with a couple of functions of “smart watches”, but at the same time, it is clear that sports functionality is still in the first place. Messages or calendar notes Fenix ​​3 HR can display, but to accept an incoming call on the GPS-clock will not work.

Garmin Fenix ​​3 HR: Alternative

Anyone who does not need a built-in heart rate monitor, when buying a Garmin Forerunner 920xt, will get a GPS watch with a similarly high level of functionality at the best price.

Characteristics and test results of Garmin Fenix ​​3 Saphir HR

  • Price-quality ratio
    Waterproof case
    Splash protection
    Barometer / Altimeter
    MP3 player
    Built-in speed meter
    Connecting external sensors
    ANT +
    Battery life: with GPS
    16 hours
    Battery life: without GPS
    6 weeks
    GPS satellites search time: first launch
    13 seconds
    GPS satellite search time: known locality
    9 s
    GPS satellites search time: unfamiliar terrain
    24 seconds
    Speed ​​measurement
    Distance measurement
    Auto pause function
    Interval timer
    Circle History
    Virtual rival
    Heart rate monitor
    Heart rate measurement (without heart rate monitor on a belt)
    Calorie counter
    Recovery time (between workouts)
    Workout rating
    Multisport functions
    Reverse timer
    Audio trainer
    Results Analysis: Online
    Results analysis: offline
    Functions of the fitness tracker
    Smartphone application
    Data synchronization with third-party applications
    very good
    Operation (convenience)
    very good
    Menu (convenience)
    Sports features (convenience)
    very good
    Display readability
    86 g
November 03, 2019

Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Test results

The new Shield TV console showed itself as an excellent and high-performance media player based on Android TV with a pronounced gaming functionality, which at the time of the test tests easily outperforms all competitors. However, there are not so many real innovations compared to the version released in 2015, so for those who already own the previous model it is not necessary to buy an updated Shield TV model.


  • Very high performance
  • Nice little form factor
  • Convenient operation thanks to Android TV
  • Comprehensive software features
  • Remote control and controller included


  • Relatively high energy consumption
  • There is no slot for memory cards standard MicroSD
  • Too expensive to use solely for streaming.

Test results Nvidia Shield (2017)

  • Price-quality ratio
    The average
    Place in the overall ranking
    1 of 11
    Value for money: 53
    Equipment (20%): 100
    Management (35%): 97.9
    Streaming (40%): 99.7
    Power consumption (5%): 38.8

However, to get the full impression of the device, we consider them separately as part of this material.

But even as a purely “streaming” device, this media player, with the results of tests with its 96 points out of 100 possible, climbs into first place and holds the “silver medalist”, Amazon Fire TV, at a decent distance.

In terms of equipment and streaming functions, Shield TV sets new records in the relevant test disciplines. In particular, this box boasts the presence of two USB ports, supports all types of external modern media, offers users a gigabit LAN port, an ac WLAN module and Bluetooth, and also provides access to the comprehensive Google Play Store for the Android TV platform .

However, compared to the previous model, here you will miss the microSD memory card slot, with which you can inexpensively expand the small size of the internal memory, which is only 16 GB. However, as before, you can use USB-drives and external hard drives by connecting them via USB-ports.

The basis of the code for the operating system is Android 7.x, with which the player is in its most current state. On board there are applications for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Watchever, Maxdome, YouTube, Sky Snap, as well as all the relevant media libraries. Due to the presence of the HDMI 2.0 port, as well as the capabilities of the system on the Tegra X1 chip, Shield TV is capable of transmitting video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second - at the moment there is no better. In addition to the console and cables, the package includes a remote control and an excellent controller.

Alternatively, you can control the device using a native smartphone app. In terms of power consumption, the player from NVIDIA with a relative comparison is significantly inferior to its competitors, but upon closer examination the difference between 5.6 W (Shield TV) and 2.0 W (Apple TV 4) turns out to be small in absolute values.


NVIDIA Shield TV: the best streaming “clients” we tested
What is the new Shield as a game console capable of?
In matters of streaming, Shield is the benchmark, but as gaming machines, devices with Android TV on the market play a very minor role. Nevertheless, NVIDIA here offers users numerous features that could be of interest to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Users begin, as a rule, by visiting the Play Store. There are some interesting games that are displayed on this console just perfect. These include game gems such as Telltale's adventure The Walking Dead, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel shooter, and The Witness puzzle. Games are based on Android, so you only need one Google account.

GeForce Now is one more step forward: gamers are given a server park to use, which takes care of all the “miscalculations” of PC games and sends the results via the Internet to Shield TV. However, this service will cost players 649 rubles per month. In turn, you will get access to some games that are included in the "subscription". At the time of the test were available, for example, "Deus Ex: Human Revolution", "Just Cause 2", "Hitman: Absolution" and "Tomb Raider". In addition, there are also such games that can be purchased separately, but they usually contain the Steam key for local gaming.

Anyone who already owns a gaming PC can also use the NVIDIA Game Stream. With the help of this function you can broadcast any games through your home network from a computer to Shield TV. However, a prerequisite for this process is the availability of a suitable GeForce graphics card and the GeForce Experience software. Management in games can be done either using the included controller, or through keyboard and mouse connected to the Shield.

Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Focusing on games: who plays a little, Shield TV is also not needed
A look into the future: NVIDIA makes plans for Shield
NVIDIA told about the future of the Shield console at CES in January of this year. In particular, someday this device should become such a control center for home networks. For this, the manufacturer will present the so-called spot-expansion on the market during the year. These modules can be installed anywhere in the apartment or in the house, wirelessly they must connect to Shield and thus help control the elements of the smart home system, as well as, for example, change the music or its volume.

The basis of the software is Google Assistant, a voice control system for Android devices. We are not able to verify the validity of such statements now, because we could not test this function within the framework of this test. As soon as the spots become available, we will provide you with an account of our impressions.

and this topic.

On the "game" side in the future, too, something will be done. For example, the collaboration between NVIDIA and Ubisoft will soon become even closer. Anyone who owns an Uplay account, a Ubisoft's Origin counterpart, will be able to import his own library of games and streaming through GeForce Now at no additional cost. These games include Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal and even the just released For Honor. This service should start in the next few weeks.

Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Watch_Dogs 2: will be playable soon on Nvidia Shield TV


Cheaper: Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD (2nd generation)
The classic among streaming media players is produced by Amazon. Fire TV is already available in two versions, it can play 4K content at 30 frames per second and costs about 5,500 rubles. It is absolutely clear: from the gaming point of view, the device from Amazon is not an alternative, because the manufacturer relies on its own shell without direct access to the Play Store. But it fulfills almost all the wishes that you can submit to a streaming client - and this is at an affordable price.

More elegant: Apple TV 4

Another classic: The fourth generation Apple TV is the perfect device to play everything that was done in the Apple universe. The device works perfectly with all the hardware for iOS, such as an iPhone or iPad, has a clear and beautifully designed shell, and is equipped with great. Nevertheless, with a price of 9,500 rubles euros, Apple TV 4 is a relatively expensive player.

Characteristics and test results of Nvidia Shield (2017)

  • Price-quality ratio
    Number of USB ports
    2 connectors
    Fat 32 support
    NTFS support
    USB 3.0
    Memory card slot
    1,000 Mbit
    WLAN (ac)
    Audio output: coaxial
    Audio output: optical
    Play Store Support (Google TV)
    App Store Support
    Third-party software store support
    Modular application system
    Availability of games
    Adobe Flash support by browser
    Amazon prime
    Sky snap
    Media Library: ARD
    Media Library: ZDF
    Media Library: Arte
    4K video playback
    Max. frame refresh rate (4K video)
    60 fps
    Amazon Prime: 4K playback
    Netflix: 4K playback
    Youtube: 4K playback
    Voice control
    Keyboard support
    Control from a smartphone
    Gamepad support
    Power consumption during YouTube streaming
    5.6 W
    Standby power consumption
    3.9 W
    9.8 x 15.9 x 2.6 cm
    250 g

Saturday, November 2, 2019

November 02, 2019

KOSS GMR headset lineup overview: for both games and music

KOSS GMR headset lineup overview: for both games and music

This headset does not sparkle backlighting and does not attempt to recreate the 5.1 / 7.1 formats. It is designed for those who appreciate high-quality stereo without unnecessary bells and whistles - both gamers and music lovers.

Strictly speaking, the manufacturer has just four very similar models. They differ in the type of connection (available with standard jacks and USB connectors), as well as the design of the cups (closed and open). If the connection type is essentially a technical point, then the variations with cups became interesting to us, so we asked for the test both options.

Which headphones are better: open or closed?

Actually, why buy open headphones if you can take closed ones? After all, they isolate your ears from external noise, allowing you to enjoy the music or special effects of games in full.

In fact, everything is a little more complicated. As practice shows, in closed headphones ears get tired more quickly - this is due to the high sound pressure that is created in a small volume. In addition, you have to adjust the volume of the special effects for a long time: for example, when the volume of music in a game is comfortable for you, explosions and shots can “hit the ears” too much.

Open headphones are more comfortable - you can sit in them for several hours without feeling tired. Even if you are fond of serious music, most likely you will like the sound in open models more - unless, of course, you are driving in a noisy subway. When listening to music in private, there are parasitic distortions that are clearly noticeable for people with a good ear for music.

KOSS GMR-540-ISO: light and comfortable

KOSS GMR headset lineup overview: for both games and music The first thing you notice when you get the headphones out of the box is their weight. While many manufacturers of high-quality headphones fundamentally use metal parts in the design, matte plastic predominates in the KOSS GMR-540-ISO. And this is not bad - in the end, no one is going to stab nuts with headphones. But the device is so light that after a while, in principle, you begin to forget that it is on your head.
Headphone adjustment takes just a couple of seconds. For reliable fixation on the head of any size in the KOSS GMR-540-ISO is not the plastic headband itself, but a nice flexible insert with a soft finish. In fact, it is enough to literally pull the headphones on your head, and they are already sitting very comfortably.

KOSS GMR headset lineup overview: for both games and musicCups are asymmetrical D-shaped - this, in particular, helps to put headphones on properly. As we have already mentioned, there are no LEDs and other “pops” here - only one connector, 3.5 mm jack.

Overview of the line of headsets KOSS GMR: for games, and for music, here are two cables included. One - with a remote microphone and, accordingly, two separate connectors for connecting to a computer. Another - with a microphone on the cable itself, designed for use with a smartphone. Both are quite long (2.4 and 1.2 m, respectively) and do not hamper movement.

How do they sound?

On the manufacturer’s website, the headphones are located in the “Game Headsets” section. Therefore, first of all, we connected them not to a player, but to a desktop computer with GS: GO and Far Cry 5 installed. Despite the lack of virtual modes of multichannel formats, the KOSS GMR-540 pleases with excellent surround sound. Both tracks and special effects sound great, although in some cases there is a lack of low frequencies to complete the picture.

KOSS GMR headset lineup overview: for both games and music A directional microphone is placed on a flexible leg, and it is so long that you can place the sensor directly at the mouth. But this is not necessary: ​​even being somewhere on the side, the microphone perfectly captures your speech and filters out extra noise. Despite the fact that there were rather talkative colleagues next to us, “at the other end of the line” they were simply not heard.

KOSS GMR headset lineup overview: for both games and music

And what about the open model, KOSS GMR-545 AIR? Strictly speaking, they are half-open - the wall of the cups here is not deaf, but perforated. The sensations are really different: the background sounds are heard quite well, although at a high volume level they safely overlap. We asked the colleagues who are fond of computer games to evaluate the difference - two out of five chose an open model as capable of providing more realistic sound. The choice of our editorial board is the more familiar closed KOSS GMR-540.

Turn on the music

If you connect a cheap headset to a top smartphone model and then test it with MP3 tracks and, say, WAV, the difference is unlikely to be felt. Another thing - good headphones. With KOSS GMR-540, files without data compression sound richer, and it is much more pleasant to listen to classical music or jazz than modern progressive formats. Obviously, the emphasis here is on medium frequencies - high and low are heard a little less.

November 02, 2019

Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphone Practice Test: Top Sound, Comfort and Noise Reduction

Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphone Practice Test: Top Sound, Comfort and Noise Reduction

Following a detailed practical test, we are ready to tell you about the latest Sony headphones model WH-1000XM3, what has changed compared to a very good predecessor and what sound, noise reduction and comfort were like.

WH-1000XM3 is a new top Over-Ear model from Sony with an active noise cancellation system. Headphones surround the ear and effectively dampen ambient noise with its Noise-Canceling technology. To do this, the headphones are equipped with several microphones, which are perceived by this ambient noise. Due to this, the device's processor provides the driver with antiphase sound waves and thus provides a noticeable silence. During practical testing, it worked very well, like the previous model, the Sony WH-1000XM2.

The technology reliably dampens low frequencies, and the higher ones muffle, but still penetrate. Voices and high rattling can be heard, but they no longer interfere. In WH-1000XM3, this phenomenon is not noticeably so much, relative to this, the previous model is more prominent. During the first practical test of interfering pressure on the ears, we did not feel it - but subjectively this can be perceived differently.

Unlike the XM2, the WH-1000XM3 does not turn off shortly after it is no longer connected to the smartphone. Thus, they can be used in a mode without connection with a reproducing device in order to protect oneself from excessive noise in the office or in an airplane. For the latter case, the WH-1000XM3 even has a special measuring module on board that allows the Noise Canceling system to adapt to changing atmospheric pressure conditions after take-off, and therefore work even better.

Sony WH-1000XM3: superior comfort and advanced features

Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphone Practice Test: Top Sound, Comfort and Noise Reduction

Sony WH-1000XM3 on the head sit very comfortable. Headphones are available in beige and black colors.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 is an extremely comfortable headset. We carried the already preceding WH-1000XM2 with great pleasure, but the new model feels a little better. The reason for this was primarily the following three changes: the bow has a thicker upholstery, the opening of the auricles became slightly larger, and Sony, a little, reduced the pressure, especially in the jaw bone. You can wear a WH-1000XM3 for a long time without feeling disturbed. During the concentrated work, the device partly even becomes invisible on the head. By the way, whoever travels, he can fold the ears and store headphones in a durable travel case.

On the technical specifications, Sony did not save, although their list was very extensive even in the previous model. In particular, there are mechanical buttons for turning the device on and off, and also for changing the mode of operation of the Noise Canceling system. The sound volume is controlled using the touch surface on the right ear cushion. Whoever puts two fingers on it or a completely open hand, temporarily deactivates the noise reduction system. Then the headphones do not prevent the penetration of external noise and you can talk to someone without any problems. This is very nice, but we recommend taking off the headphones for reasons of politeness during conversations.

If desired, Noise Canceling can be adjusted to completely skip high frequencies, such as voices, but filter out the low-frequency hum. We believe that the so-called Ambient-mode is not very useful, as the noise level increases significantly. There is on board and support for Google Assistant. Thus, whoever wants, he can, for example, initiate a telephone conversation using a voice command, even if the smartphone is in the bag.

Sony WH-1000XM3 have a full, very bass sound

Sony WH-1000XM3 practice headphone test: top sound, comfort and noise cancellation For travel, the headphones can be folded and placed in a (included) travel case

The most noticeable changes compared with the previous model are observed in the sound image. However, in our taste, the sensations of listening have not changed for the better everywhere. We like the more scenic reproduction, most likely due to the increased opening of the auricles. In relation to the predecessors, the feeling is created that the instruments are farther from the head, and in general, the sound gains at a higher volume in scale and strength. The sound is very warm and full, as Sony raises the bass and reduces saturation with high frequencies. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages.

If the music played is not “mixed” in an optimal way or recorded in poor quality, then WH-1000XM3 often makes it better. They compensate for missing bass, overly sharp high frequencies add a bit of softness. Thus, you can listen to your favorite music with pleasure even at high volume. On the other hand, at high frequencies there is not enough voicing and transparency, therefore, for example, the piano and guitar sound very velvety and, as a rule, a little dull.

More irritated may be the reaction of some users to raised bass. While they can still be enjoyable when playing electric or hip-hop compositions, in a “natural” music the sound picture turns out to be somewhat overloaded. Depending on the track, the headphones sound a little rattle or bass. In our opinion, Sony has overdone it here. To test the sound, we use the Spotify Premium online service with the highest quality and set up the headphones in Bluetooth mode with ANC via LDAC. In general, we like the sound of Sony WH-1000XM3, but if you prefer brighter and cleaner tones, you should try listening to Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II.

Battery life and detailed test

Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones test: top sound, comfort and noise cancellation. On the left auricle there are only mechanical buttons for turning on, switching off and switching the ANC mode. In the back of the right auricle is the sensory surface, with which you can control the tracks and volume

Sony WH-1000XM3 has already passed the first test of the battery life in our test lab. With an activated ANC (active noise cancellation) system, they lasted approximately 23.5 hours. This is a good indicator. However, the previous model in exactly the same test worked for almost 34 hours, that is, significantly longer.

First, we send the WH-1000XM3 to an audio measurement lab to test Noise Canceling damping under standardized conditions. Full results of the test, together with repeated indicators of the endurance test, we will present to your attention a little later.

Charging WH-1000XM3 via USB Type-C. Those who let the charging process last for 10 minutes will be able to enjoy music for as long as 5 hours. This is a significant improvement over the 1000XM2, which, according to the manufacturer, for 10 minutes of charging, accumulate energy only for 70 minutes of battery life. At a time when the headphones are charging, they can not be used.

Cost and availability

Sony WH-1000XM3 is already on sale in the fall of 2018 in the colors “black” and “platinum silver” (beige) at an initial price of about 30,000 rubles. Who wants to save money, he must wait a few months or take a very good previous model, WH-1000XM2, which can be found for about 28,000 rubles.

If you are looking for a more affordable model (sometimes without ANC), the Bluetooth headphone models we tested can be found in the table below.

Bluetooth headphones are excellent value for money