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Apple Watch Series 4 GPS Watch Review: The Little Male Nurse

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS Watch Review: The Little Male Nurse

At the annual Apple KeyNote event, you could play two games: Bullshit-Bingo and a drinking game. And since banal phrases like “the best of its kind ...”, “we are so proud / excited / happy ...”, “a device of a completely new level ...” are heard very often, then drinking each one of them quickly turns out to be under the table. However, HYIP in the case of the Apple Watch Series 4 is justified, and it was not a sin to drink for such a novelty. Now tell you why.

New level of performance

Apple uses the updated S4 processor in the new Watch Series 4. Although the manufacturer does not disclose some of the characteristics, such as the clock frequency and the size of the RAM of the new product, the performance of the Series 4 still surpasses the previous model. Now in the gadget 16 GB of internal memory (gross), which gives enough space to store applications, music and photos.

Huge display and overloaded interface

Overview of the Apple Watch Series 4 GPS: a small nurse The Edge-to-Endge-display: the same as in previous models, it is rectangular, but now extends from edge to edge. OLED-panel has a resolution of 368x448 pixels with a density of 330 dpi. The clock diagonal increased from 42 to 44 mm in the basic version.

Review of Apple Watch Series 4 GPS:

 a small nurse In terms of equipment, famous Apple designers made an unforgivable mistake: the Apple Watch interface in the new design is hopelessly overloaded. Along with the usual display of the current time, the corners of the screen of a smart watch can be littered with additional information: a timer, temperature or universal time. This does not look too neat, so we do not recommend activating many indicators at once.

Equipment: now with honey functions

In the laboratory, we tested only the GPS version of the watch, but the Apple Watch with LTE and eSIM (for the overseas market) will also be available for sale. The rest of the Series 4 offers many interfaces, including NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN and GNSS. In addition, sensors that are necessary for the work of functions related to fitness and health are built into the body - acceleration sensors and position in space, an optical heart rate monitor and a barometer.

Review of the Apple Watch Series 4 GPS: 

a small medical technicianBy the way about health: in the Apple Watch Series 4, the manufacturer has approached the development of new functions that are responsible for monitoring the user's physical condition. In particular, the optical heart rate monitor can now not only monitor the heart rate, but can also record data for an ECG. The clock itself will tell you if any irregular heartbeat is detected, and send the ECG data to the doctor. So far, Apple has managed to certify this feature only in the United States, so we could not test it for ourselves. However, in all likelihood it will be available in Europe.

Apple Watch Series 4 GPS Watch Review: 

The small Apple Watch Series 4 nurse can now detect a user’s crash and, in an emergency, send 112 alerts and contact information to the rescue service, including the location of the victim. Apple Watch received and more developed fitness characteristics. Now the device automatically recognizes when you have started training. Yoga and hiking have also been added to the sports portfolio.

A few words about the battery: 

during the tests Apple Watch Series 4 lasted almost 28 hours without recharging. The previous watch model worked a little longer than 30 hours.

Test results

From a fitness device to a health monitoring system: Apple turned Watch Series 4 into a serious medical assistant — at least in a foreign market. We still have to be content with improved performance and updated design of the gadget. Even though the Apple Watch has a shorter battery life, the new Series 4 is one of the best smart watches on the market.


  • flawless performance
  • practical power saving mode
  • fitness and health functions
  • tactile feedback in the watch head


  • overloaded user interface in WatchOS 5
  • battery life is lower

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