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Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphone Review

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphone Review

New Bose sports headphones called SoundSport Pulse are comfortable in-ear headphones with good sound that fit well in your ear.

Good, open sound for sports sessions.

As has become customary in the case of Bose products, headphones called the SoundSport Pulse along with other models also showed decent results in the test for sound. With uniformly good evaluations in all genres, these headphones have particularly distinguished themselves in such ones as rock, pop and hip-hop.

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphone Review

New Bose SoundSport Pulse equipped with a heart rate monitor, located in the left earpiece

In particular, the “Gravel Pit” from Wu-Tang Clan pleases with pronounced bass, which exert a very pleasant pressure on the ears, and there is no need to desire anything more from the reproduction of the voice. At the same time, even in the supersaturated sound curtain of the “Away From Today” composition performed by Dan Kroll, some external noises remain, which is especially important when making runs in the dark and in the open.

Fitness functions work well, but only when the headphones sit correctly

Thanks to the silicone “hooks” of the Bose SoundSport Puls, even when playing sports, they sit tightly and securely in the ear. In addition, they are also quite comfortable. In terms of equipment, Bose sports headphones also differ in a positive way: in addition to the headset itself, the delivery package includes a carrying case with a practical carabiner, two additional sets of ambushures of different sizes and a mandatory charging cable.

This model is also capable of something special, besides music playback: a heart rate monitor is integrated into the left earpiece. If it is placed securely in the ear, it functions well. Unfortunately, if the headphones slip even a little, the contact is broken. Thus, even if it seems from the outside that the headphones are still in place, the heart rate can no longer be measured. To the one who attaches great importance to this function, it will be better to use an additional fitness tracker or a separate heart rate monitor.

A little better could be the length of battery life. With about 5 hours, declared by the manufacturer (during the practical test, we did even a little more), Bose SoundSport Pulse refers in this respect to the middle peasants among sports headphones.

Alternative: Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless
Overview of wireless headphones with a Bose SoundSport Pulse heart rate monitorHeadset with a durable battery. Sports headphones Beats Powerbeats 3 during the test proved to be convincing primarily in terms of the length of battery life.

With 12 hours, declared by the manufacturer, and 15 hours, obtained during the practical test, these Bluetooth headphones can work almost three times longer if you compare them with Bose SoundSport.

In addition, they are also slightly cheaper, because for Bose you will have to pay about 12,000 rubles, while Powerbeats 3 cost only 8,400 rubles. But keep in mind that the Beats are not suitable for everyone. In some, the integrated handles just do not go for the ear.


New Bose sports headphones called SoundSport Pulse are comfortable in-ear headphones with good sound that fit well in your ear. In addition, they have rich functionality: the gadget also offers several interesting fitness features.


  • fitness functions like heart rate monitoring
  • good sound
  • sit comfortably in the ear


  • heart rate monitor does not work well if the earbuds slip

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