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CROWN CMBH-9320 review: headphones turn into a Bluetooth speaker

CROWN CMBH-9320 review: headphones turn into a Bluetooth speaker

Now you won't surprise anyone with Bluetooth headphones, it’s not 2006 yet. But the soul asks for something more than just “ears” that can play. Now give everyone an extended functionality, all in one bottle - and at an affordable price. The American manufacturer of acoustics and peripherals CROWN MICRO listened to the requests of workers, releasing the "combine" CMBH-9320, trained in the blink of an eye to turn into a Bluetooth speaker. How everything is in fact and what else is the gadget on board, read below.

Not only the headset, but also the column

Let's start with the main and very rare "chips" device - mode "column". Yes, these headphones can play loudly! Switching between modes is very simple: just turn the left cup out. There is a fixation of the cup in this position in order to avoid involuntary switching of modes. The power is decent: the manufacturer speaks about 6 W, although it feels like it is not as loud as the portable speakers that are popular these days. But for a small company of such a sound is enough.

Easy to connect and manage.

The manufacturer has equipped the CMBH-9320 with NFC support, which makes it easy to connect to a suitable sound source, for example, a smartphone. Just bring the gadget to the place marked with NFC on the headphone case, and everything happens automatically. The quality of the wireless (Bluetooth) connection is very good: a few concrete floors within a radius of ten meters do not become a real hindrance.

All controls are located on the outside of the right cup, the surface of which acts as a four-way joystick. By clicking on the side faces, you can switch tracks, pause playback or answer a call. The clicks themselves resemble clicks of a computer mouse - clear and short-stroke.

There are also long “tapas” - to change the volume level, or, for example, if you need to call back to the last incoming number. True, the step of changing the volume here is quite significant, and it is not the first time that you precisely adjust the comfortable volume level.


Bluetooth and not only

Abilities of the novelty are not limited to playback via Bluetooth (version 4.2): engineers from CROWN have built-in an MP3 player that can play tracks from a microSD memory card.

If there is no source equipped with Bluetooth, connection through standard AUX is provided. However, in the case of a complete discharge of the device, playback via cable will be impossible: in any case, the work of the built-in amplifier is required, and it is battery-powered.

The built-in player is convenient, and can be very useful when you cannot take a smartphone with you, for example, for a run or a party on a workout. Another positive thing: this is not mentioned in the instructions, but the player also supports the playback of WAV files, and the capacity of memory cards that the device can read is higher than the stated 32 GB - the 64 GB card worked without problems.

But that's not all. The headset is equipped with FM-radio, which expands the already considerable functionality. On the street, the signal catches steadily, in the room it can be different, but it’s also rather good. Radio stations, as well as tracks, are switched by right and left pushing the joystick, while searching, there are stations with both a bad signal and an excellent one.

Listen and evaluate

The sound quality of undemanding users, most likely, will not cause questions. Objectively, the CMBH-9320 is noticeably lacking in the lower and lower middle; mids are too high, the upper too, but not so pronounced. At the same time, the detailing is good - individual instruments are heard, the stage is wide, the sound volume is enough volume and life. The stock volume is enough for any situation, be it a quiet square, or a metro station. For example, in the FM reception mode at maximum speed it is not recommended to listen - the sound just stuns.

In general, based on the low price of the device, the sound quality is good, both via Bluetooth and cable. Headphones can easily cope with rock, pop music and electronics at a slow pace, but worse with metal - they work off attacks so-so. If you suddenly draw on neoclassic or new-age, then you should keep in mind that the album by composer Ludovico Einaudi sounds easy, with a slightly noticeable veil, while fresh and unobtrusive. Headphones cope with a more technical Nightbook album at the limit - serious arrangements and uneasy sound are poured into a small “mess”. Still, the headset is designed for simpler genres.

Ears do not get tired

The CROWN design is durable, the ear cushions are tactilely pleasant, they are soft and dense at the same time, provide good passive sound insulation. Adjusting the bows for a comfortable fit on the head has a small step and is clearly fixed, which is especially useful for active walks or workouts.


On the other hand, light inaccuracy in the details, at the joints, instability of colors

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