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Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine overview: just click

Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine overview: just click

Coffee for every taste

Philips EP5365 / 10 belongs to the average price category: you can buy it for about 48,000 rubles. What does the buyer get for this money? Seven pre-installed programs, the ability to change the recipe, temperature and strength of coffee, as well as ten degrees of grinding. Of course, there is a built-in cappuccinator with a reservoir. What we liked: the car uses a water filter (available in the kit). This is a plus for this not the most expensive model.

Among the automatic compact machines, the Philips EP5365 / 10 looks quite compact - only horn or capsule ones take up less space. A 1.5-liter tank of water is enough for 7-8 cups of coffee (it is also used for cleaning).

Traditionally, you can get a cup of drink by pressing a button. If you like stronger coffee, richer taste, use the “Aroma strength” adjustment - it adds another gram to the standard portion of coffee for brewing. In general, there are no significant complaints about the car - in our opinion, it works a bit noisily, and the display actively “sweats” when beating milk.

Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine overview: just click

Well, there are settings

Despite the quite standard pressure of the pump of 15 bar, the coffee prepared according to the standard algorithm seemed to us not perfect: bitter, while not sufficiently saturated. I had to tinker with the settings of grinding, as well as use the very "enhance flavor" - it helped. Definitely, each mixture of coffee requires experimentation: spend a little time and you will understand how to make a really tasty drink.


The Philips EP5365 / 10 coffee machine has excellent equipment: here is a cappuccinator, a coffee grinder, a self-cleaning function, and a display on which it is convenient to control cooking modes. You can find the "automatic" and cheaper, but in it the equipment will be simpler.


  • Large water tank
  • Short preheating time
  • Various programs for the preparation of beverages


  • Running loud
  • The display mists when milk is foamed

Low Cost Alternative: DeLonghi ECAM 22.110 B

Coffee machine DeLonghi Magnificia S ECAM 22.110.B is much cheaper, but it also prepares the same delicious coffee. In our rating, we put this model the maximum number of points for the price-quality ratio. Important advantages of DeLonghi: short beverage preparation time and almost zero off-power consumption (0.5 W). It does not have a display and the ability to save individual recipes, but if you save about 26,000 rubles, this can be easily experienced.

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