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Review Microlab T10: a look from the game

Review Microlab T10: a look from the game

It's no secret that most gamers play with headphones - it's easier to listen to the environment and enemy NPCs, as well as communicate with other players using the built-in microphone. Nevertheless, there are enough computer acoustics models for games on the market. One of them is the new Microlab T10 in 2.1 format. We understand what acoustics gives to gamers except a bright design, and how it sounds outside of virtual battles.

Specifications Microlab T10

  • Output power: 56 W (16 W x 2 + 24 W)
  • Speaker diameter: 2x 1.25 "+ 2x 2.5" + 5.25 "
  • Frequency range: 60–18000 Hz
  • Nonlinear distortion, 1 W at 1 kHz: <0.3%
  • Signal to noise ratio: 70 dB
  • Channel separation: 45 dB
  • Input: 3.5 stereo, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Output: LR 4-pin jacket, 3.5 mm stereo
  • Power supply: 220 V
  • Material: wood (MDF), plastic
  • Packing and packaging
The columns are delivered in a white cardboard box with the main information on the model on its walls. The kit includes a head unit, two satellites and an external wired remote.

Design and management

The appearance of the acoustics is imbued with a gaming theme: twin “turbines” of satellites and neon lights will fit well into the home gaming setup.

The body of the head unit is made of pressed wood, on its right side there is a phase inverter hole. In front is a metal grille with plastic d├ęcor and lighting - behind it is hidden a subwoofer with a diameter of 133.35 mm.

On the back of the head unit there is a radiator, connectors for connecting the satellites and the console, as well as a control panel. Two knobs on it adjust the amount of bass and the brightness of the backlight.

Volume is controlled by external remote control. There is also a LED indicator and a backlight on / off button. There are additional outputs for headphones and a microphone - with abundant gaming peripherals, which can be very useful.


Microlab T10 can work in wireless mode - in the column there is a Bluetooth module version 4.0. Test connection to the smartphone HTC One E8 was fast and was accompanied by sound signals. Reception is stable at a distance of 7-8 meters. You can also establish a pairing with a PC or laptop, getting rid of excess wires at the table. At the same time, the sound quality practically does not deteriorate.


The frequency range of the passport is 60-18000 Hz, which may seem insufficient. However, the system does not suffer from a lack of bass or treble. On the contrary, its sound is made slightly V-shaped, with a rise of the edges of the frequency range. The manufacturer claims that such a feed is best suited for games, but we will check the device in other usage scenarios.

Column perfectly copes with modern music trends, especially electronics. The subwoofer creates a powerful subbass, making the sound assertive and deep. At the same time, HF is not lost on its background, balancing the tonal balance. The musical capabilities of the system with the head were enough for Woodkid, AWOLNATION, Nine Inch Nails, Hecq dubstep songs, as well as the hodgepodge of trap, drum and bass and retro-wave. Also the music of Hans Zimmer sounded good, with a wide stereo panorama and a good separation of instruments.

With watching movies, too, no problem. Best of all, the column manifests itself in action movies with a large number of explosions - the subwoofer gives a tangible “pamp” and promotes immersion. The volume is also well transmitted, especially if the satellites are spread to the maximum distance on the sides. True, due to the quantitative lack of mid-frequencies, voices suffer a little, acquiring unnatural sharpness.

Microlab T10

Finally, during the game, the sound pleases the exact localization of sound sources. This is useful both in online matches and in single player campaigns. Testing was conducted on several games.

Horror Alien: Isolation punctures his soundtrack. The squeaks of the collapsing station, the howling of ventilation, the footsteps in the dark and the roar of the xenomorph - the speakers transmit all this with meticulous legibility.

Far Cry 3 shooter has stealth elements, it is useful to listen to opponents and arrange a hunting ambush. And when the turmoil begins, the sounds of shots and explosions acquire a powerful impact with the subwoofer on the lower ranks, lying well on the Skrillex soundtrack.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was remembered not only for its stunning open world, but also for its music. Studying a cold Skyrim is much more pleasant with normal acoustics, and the Microlab T10 contributes to this.

Of course, hardcore gamers and cybersportsmen will continue to play with headphones, but for most users, the acoustics of such acoustics will be enough in games and in other use cases. 


Microlab T10 is a universal model that can be appreciated not only by gamers. The novelty has a bright design, good sound and Bluetooth support, so that it will have to place on any computer desk

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