Monday, October 28, 2019

Review of Casio WSD-F30 smartwatch: compass for 42,000 rubles

Review of Casio WSD-F30 smartwatch: compass for 42,000 rubles

Large battery and solid equipment

Casio WSD-F30 smart watch is perfect for traveling. For activities and trips away from civilization, the manufacturer has packed an altimeter, GPS and a compass. Thus, even in complete isolation from the world, the gadget will help you with navigation.

As for sports features - the case is waterproof, you can dive to a depth of 50 meters. A decent battery life of 33 hours and 12 minutes and a rather short charging process of 1 hour and 54 minutes makes the device very practical. The design is also quite nice and modern.

Price per brand history

With a price tag of about 42,000 rubles, the WSD-F30 becomes the most expensive smart watch in our rating. But in their characteristics, they do not catch up with competitors: Casio does not have such convenient features as NFC or LTE-module.

In addition, with their 80 grams of weight, they are relatively heavy and the largest of all the models we tested, and therefore not suitable for any wrist. The rest of the equipment is not much stands out among the test sample, and with the exception of the compass is rather standard for a good smart watch.

Should I buy a Casio WSD-F30?

Casio's smart watch WSD-F30 definitely deserves the attention of all lovers of classic and travel. The main feature of the watch: advanced outdoor navigation functions for tourists. However, in its price category, the gadget hardly competes with popular models like Garmin and Apple.


  • powerful battery
  • navigation functions


  • poor value for money
  • relatively large and heavy
  • rather basic equipment

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