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Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Test results

The new Shield TV console showed itself as an excellent and high-performance media player based on Android TV with a pronounced gaming functionality, which at the time of the test tests easily outperforms all competitors. However, there are not so many real innovations compared to the version released in 2015, so for those who already own the previous model it is not necessary to buy an updated Shield TV model.


  • Very high performance
  • Nice little form factor
  • Convenient operation thanks to Android TV
  • Comprehensive software features
  • Remote control and controller included


  • Relatively high energy consumption
  • There is no slot for memory cards standard MicroSD
  • Too expensive to use solely for streaming.

Test results Nvidia Shield (2017)

  • Price-quality ratio
    The average
    Place in the overall ranking
    1 of 11
    Value for money: 53
    Equipment (20%): 100
    Management (35%): 97.9
    Streaming (40%): 99.7
    Power consumption (5%): 38.8

However, to get the full impression of the device, we consider them separately as part of this material.

But even as a purely “streaming” device, this media player, with the results of tests with its 96 points out of 100 possible, climbs into first place and holds the “silver medalist”, Amazon Fire TV, at a decent distance.

In terms of equipment and streaming functions, Shield TV sets new records in the relevant test disciplines. In particular, this box boasts the presence of two USB ports, supports all types of external modern media, offers users a gigabit LAN port, an ac WLAN module and Bluetooth, and also provides access to the comprehensive Google Play Store for the Android TV platform .

However, compared to the previous model, here you will miss the microSD memory card slot, with which you can inexpensively expand the small size of the internal memory, which is only 16 GB. However, as before, you can use USB-drives and external hard drives by connecting them via USB-ports.

The basis of the code for the operating system is Android 7.x, with which the player is in its most current state. On board there are applications for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Watchever, Maxdome, YouTube, Sky Snap, as well as all the relevant media libraries. Due to the presence of the HDMI 2.0 port, as well as the capabilities of the system on the Tegra X1 chip, Shield TV is capable of transmitting video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second - at the moment there is no better. In addition to the console and cables, the package includes a remote control and an excellent controller.

Alternatively, you can control the device using a native smartphone app. In terms of power consumption, the player from NVIDIA with a relative comparison is significantly inferior to its competitors, but upon closer examination the difference between 5.6 W (Shield TV) and 2.0 W (Apple TV 4) turns out to be small in absolute values.


NVIDIA Shield TV: the best streaming “clients” we tested
What is the new Shield as a game console capable of?
In matters of streaming, Shield is the benchmark, but as gaming machines, devices with Android TV on the market play a very minor role. Nevertheless, NVIDIA here offers users numerous features that could be of interest to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Users begin, as a rule, by visiting the Play Store. There are some interesting games that are displayed on this console just perfect. These include game gems such as Telltale's adventure The Walking Dead, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel shooter, and The Witness puzzle. Games are based on Android, so you only need one Google account.

GeForce Now is one more step forward: gamers are given a server park to use, which takes care of all the “miscalculations” of PC games and sends the results via the Internet to Shield TV. However, this service will cost players 649 rubles per month. In turn, you will get access to some games that are included in the "subscription". At the time of the test were available, for example, "Deus Ex: Human Revolution", "Just Cause 2", "Hitman: Absolution" and "Tomb Raider". In addition, there are also such games that can be purchased separately, but they usually contain the Steam key for local gaming.

Anyone who already owns a gaming PC can also use the NVIDIA Game Stream. With the help of this function you can broadcast any games through your home network from a computer to Shield TV. However, a prerequisite for this process is the availability of a suitable GeForce graphics card and the GeForce Experience software. Management in games can be done either using the included controller, or through keyboard and mouse connected to the Shield.

Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Focusing on games: who plays a little, Shield TV is also not needed
A look into the future: NVIDIA makes plans for Shield
NVIDIA told about the future of the Shield console at CES in January of this year. In particular, someday this device should become such a control center for home networks. For this, the manufacturer will present the so-called spot-expansion on the market during the year. These modules can be installed anywhere in the apartment or in the house, wirelessly they must connect to Shield and thus help control the elements of the smart home system, as well as, for example, change the music or its volume.

The basis of the software is Google Assistant, a voice control system for Android devices. We are not able to verify the validity of such statements now, because we could not test this function within the framework of this test. As soon as the spots become available, we will provide you with an account of our impressions.

and this topic.

On the "game" side in the future, too, something will be done. For example, the collaboration between NVIDIA and Ubisoft will soon become even closer. Anyone who owns an Uplay account, a Ubisoft's Origin counterpart, will be able to import his own library of games and streaming through GeForce Now at no additional cost. These games include Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal and even the just released For Honor. This service should start in the next few weeks.

Test media player and console NVIDIA Shield TV 2017

Watch_Dogs 2: will be playable soon on Nvidia Shield TV


Cheaper: Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD (2nd generation)
The classic among streaming media players is produced by Amazon. Fire TV is already available in two versions, it can play 4K content at 30 frames per second and costs about 5,500 rubles. It is absolutely clear: from the gaming point of view, the device from Amazon is not an alternative, because the manufacturer relies on its own shell without direct access to the Play Store. But it fulfills almost all the wishes that you can submit to a streaming client - and this is at an affordable price.

More elegant: Apple TV 4

Another classic: The fourth generation Apple TV is the perfect device to play everything that was done in the Apple universe. The device works perfectly with all the hardware for iOS, such as an iPhone or iPad, has a clear and beautifully designed shell, and is equipped with great. Nevertheless, with a price of 9,500 rubles euros, Apple TV 4 is a relatively expensive player.

Characteristics and test results of Nvidia Shield (2017)

  • Price-quality ratio
    Number of USB ports
    2 connectors
    Fat 32 support
    NTFS support
    USB 3.0
    Memory card slot
    1,000 Mbit
    WLAN (ac)
    Audio output: coaxial
    Audio output: optical
    Play Store Support (Google TV)
    App Store Support
    Third-party software store support
    Modular application system
    Availability of games
    Adobe Flash support by browser
    Amazon prime
    Sky snap
    Media Library: ARD
    Media Library: ZDF
    Media Library: Arte
    4K video playback
    Max. frame refresh rate (4K video)
    60 fps
    Amazon Prime: 4K playback
    Netflix: 4K playback
    Youtube: 4K playback
    Voice control
    Keyboard support
    Control from a smartphone
    Gamepad support
    Power consumption during YouTube streaming
    5.6 W
    Standby power consumption
    3.9 W
    9.8 x 15.9 x 2.6 cm
    250 g

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