Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Top 5 myths about our gadgets, which are naive to believe today

Top 5 myths about our gadgets, which are naive to believe today

86% are sure that the more “megapixels” in the camera, 

the better pictures

Of course, it is not. The role of “megapixels” in the quality of images is greatly exaggerated: the size of the matrix is much more important, for example. But sometimes it does not even indicate.

52% are sure that charging a smartphone all night is bad for a battery

By the way, another 17% believe that before charging the battery should be discharged "to zero." But this is not the funny thing: for example, residents of California in their search queries are often interested in whether you can charge your smartphone in the microwave. Forget about stereotypes: charge all night for health (only not in the microwave).

31% are sure that the radiation of screeners can erase the contents of the HDD and memory cards

This myth is already with a beard: when everything was filmed, it was really worth being wary of X-rays. But for modern storage media, they are absolutely harmless. Moreover, the framework-metal detectors cannot harm the equipment: we ourselves heard how passengers at the airport coped on this score.

30% sure that the computer must be turned off at night

This applies mainly to office staff. In principle, any reboot after a long time can speed up the execution of tasks: all the processes that you started during this time will simply be unloaded from memory. But of course, there is no direct link between work time and performance.

17% sure that Apple computers are immune from viruses

Still as vulnerable. Of course, the Apple system noticeably complicates the work of hackers, but we cannot talk about 100% protection. However, the chance to pick up bjaku on a Mac is much less than on computers with Windows.

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